Towards Peace – Re-Thinking Society

Thursday 25 July 9.30am - Saturday 27 July 6pm
Summer School at Rudolf Steiner House London

Facilitated by Michael U. Baumgartner

To understand the necessities for peace, we have to re-think how we live together, relate to each other and the space we live in.

In this Summer School we will explore three impulses towards peace over three days. Each day will be self-standing and can be attended individually.  However, the three days are also conceived as a journey for those who are able to make it.  

Day 1, Thursday 25 July: Re-Thinking The Nation State

Nation states are neither natural nor have they been the only way we have been living together. As a matter of fact, they are too costly, exclusionary and a main force for war. Nation states express government imposed from above. We re-think communal living as governance bottom-up, by using the concept of global modules (neighbourhoods, boroughs, towns, large cities / regions and territories) to understand how community is organised at different levels and sizes. We create a picture of an earth without nations states.

Day 2, Friday 26 July: Re-Thinking Social Structure

How should social space be structured to lay grounds to foster human development and more peace in the world? We re-think the purpose of community. To do so, we can look at what ideals best express individual human development and living together. Interdependent subsystems define social space just as suborganisations co-sustain human organism.

Day 3, Saturday 27 July: Re-Thinking Governance

Understanding democracy and expanding our concept of ‘rights only’ to embrace the notion of responsibilities - both as human beings and as members of any community (as still done in indigenous communities and the ‘global south’) and moving from the concept of law to that of agreement, helps re-size governance.

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The Method:

We will use non-formal educational methods, which are experiential and participatory, involving an exploration of our themes through presentations, group exercises and conversation. 

All are welcome to become development practitioners, hands-on architects of the future.

Fee: Daily rate: £50.  All three days: £120


Please note: There are limited places available.

Accommodation If you need accommodation in London, please contact Ilona at for advice.

Michael U. Baumgartner (click here for bio)

Michael U. Baumgartner is a freelance adult educator, currently teaching communications and communication practice in Switzerland, where he also lives. His professional career and education extend in many different fields; fields he was able to connect, providing him a more encompassing understanding of the word, social organisms, life and what it means to be an individual human being today. He has worked in different positions with various NGOs in the fields of environmental justice, corporate accountability, communications, human and patients’ rights, migration and integration, health promotion, crisis intervention and peaceful conflict resolution and education.