Christ’s Encounters with Women

Friday 29 October 7.30pm - 9pm

with Louise Sofair

The undivided ‘whole’ being of the Christ entered the world of human beings who were differentiated, physically and socially, into the two sexes. Rudolf Steiner gave us an insight into how this division had come about in humanity’s evolution. We will discuss the purpose of the incarnation of the Christ Being in this regard and the difference in the way in which men and women met Him. We will look in closer detail at the women whom Christ encountered during his three-year mission on Earth and the relevance of these events. In our time we are able to have a deeper understanding of how He raised the more naturally intuitive, cosmic consciousness of women to greater heights, paving the way for future humanity.

Louise Sofair is a mother of four living in Hertfordshire. She was an upper school teacher of drama and religion in a Steiner-Waldorf school for many years and is the author of the book Women with Christ (Temple Lodge Press).

All welcome, no need to book, no charge.

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