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  • Sunday 17 December

    with Iaia Chiesa

    An attempt to convey how wars are experienced by ordinary people on the ground.

    Poems written in response to the current wars.

    Read by the poet and others.

    No booking necessary.

    £5 suggested donation at the door.

  • Thursday 11 April
    7.30pm - 9pm

    Lecture by Ralf Roessner

    Human society and the kingdoms of nature are both undergoing great changes, in the future these will only accelerate and affect us all. This offers spiritual, social, political and economic opportunities to an increasingly awakened humanity, and demands greater responsibility from us. Through the working of Christ in the etheric body of the Earth since 1933, the connection of our Spirit Self/Angel in our aura has changed, and the elemental and angelic worlds now have new hope in humanity as they perceive the growing light of Christ within us.

    There is the opportunity for us to perceive the spiritual-elemental world within us if we turn our gaze inwards, this brings the potential for group work. Together we can shape the world of the future in the light of Christ.

    Ralf Roessner is a former Waldorf School art teacher, current Bio-Dynamic farmer cultivating Light Root, beekeeper, inventor and producer of water energising devices (, clairvoyant and esoterist. He is also the author of “The Genius of Bees and the Elemental Beings” and “The Light Root: Nutrition of the Future” both published by Temple Lodge Publishing.

    £10 cash on the door.

    For further information please call Alex Wright on 01342 827967

    Ralf will be lecturing again the following evening (Friday 12 April) at Emerson College followed by a 1½ day workshop on Saturday 13 and the morning of Sunday 14 April.

    See Booking Calendar for full details.

  • Thursday 27 June
    7.30pm - 9pm

    Lecture by Frank Burdich

    Reading about elemental beings or nature spirits can leave an abstract impression of something not quite real. Frank has been actively collaborating with the elemental world for more than ten years and so can speak from a wealth of experience about their nature, purpose, and structure, as well as their desire to work with humans. He will also present different methods for perceiving them.

    Frank Burdich was for 14 years an Upper School science teacher at a Waldorf School in Germany during which time he pursued an Anthroposophical spiritual path and became clairvoyant. He has been lecturing on supersensible perception since 2007, and in 2012 founded his own supersensible research company Gesellschaft für angewandte Geistesforschung mbH which provides supersensible research services in a range of contexts such as medicine preparation, mistletoe based remedies, oncology, special needs conditions and the spiritual audit of buildings, as well as lecturing and giving workshops on a variety of spiritual topics.

    £10 cash on the door.

    For further information please contact Alex Wright on 01342 827967

    Frank will be giving two further lectures as well as a 1.5 day workshop at Emerson College in the days following this lecture. See for full details