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  • Saturday 25 May
    7pm - 9pm

    The year we are living in now marks the 100th anniversary of an astonishingly productive and fruitful year in the life of Rudolf Steiner. It began with the Christmas Conference, during which the Anthroposophical Society was reborn and the Foundation Stone Meditation given. There followed a whole array of new initiatives, including the beginning of the School for Spiritual Science and initiatives in the realm of the arts, medicine and agriculture. That year witnessed Rudolf Steiner’s vital contribution to the bringing of a new understanding of karma to humanity with his Karmic Relationships lectures, as well as the serialised Leading Thoughts, which summarise Anthroposophy in a series of aphoristic guidelines for meditation, supplemented by essays on the Michaelic nature of Anthroposophy.

    Peter Selg was born in Stuttgart and studied medicine in Witten-Herdecke, Zurich, and Berlin. Until 2000, he worked as the head physician of the juvenile psychiatry department of Herdecke hospital in Germany. He is currently part of the leadership group at the world headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society at the Geotheanum in Switzerland, co-leader of the General Anthroposophical Section and director of the Ita Wegman Institute. He lectures extensively and is the author of numerous books. His comprehensive biography of Rudolf Steiner is published in 7 volumes. Volume 7 covers 1924 – 1925 and includes a lecture by Rudolf Steiner on June 4, 1924, ‘The Festival of Pentecost’.

    All welcome, no booking required, donation towards expenses at the door gratefully received.

  • Thursday 27 June
    7.30pm - 9pm

    Lecture by Frank Burdich

    Reading about elemental beings or nature spirits can leave an abstract impression of something not quite real. Frank has been actively collaborating with the elemental world for more than ten years and so can speak from a wealth of experience about their nature, purpose, and structure, as well as their desire to work with humans. He will also present different methods for perceiving them.

    Frank Burdich was for 14 years an Upper School science teacher at a Waldorf School in Germany during which time he pursued an Anthroposophical spiritual path and became clairvoyant. He has been lecturing on supersensible perception since 2007, and in 2012 founded his own supersensible research company Gesellschaft für angewandte Geistesforschung mbH which provides supersensible research services in a range of contexts such as medicine preparation, mistletoe based remedies, oncology, special needs conditions and the spiritual audit of buildings, as well as lecturing and giving workshops on a variety of spiritual topics.

    £10 cash on the door.

    For further information please contact Alex Wright on 01342 827967

    Frank will be giving two further lectures as well as a 1½ day workshop at Emerson College in the days following this lecture. Please see for full details.

  • Tuesday 2 July
    7pm - 8.30pm

    with Lee Scopes

    In these 11 Lectures (GA197) Rudolf Steiner unfolds the spiritual background to many social questions around the theme of the polarities of West and East, Materialism and Mysticism, Knowledge and Belief. He makes visible the forces of decline active in modern civilisation, and how these forces are trying to wrest human destiny from the active participation of human beings. He presents with profound poignancy how the Christ is pouring a new spirit into human evolution.

    All are welcome!

    For further information:

  • Friday 5 July 6pm - Saturday 6 July 6pm

    An Intercultural Eurythmy Festival including eurythmy/theatre performances of scenes from Shakespeare, with eurythmy fairy tales, talks, demonstrations, live music and eurythmy workshops by an international group of performers from UK, Germany, Bulgaria, USA, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka.

    Performances by: Eurythmy West Midlands, Peredur Eurythmy and Eurythmy India.

    Workshops: Beginner’s Eurythmy, Indian Dance and Eurythmy, Eurythmy with Tabla and Sitar, Eurythmy Theatre and others.

    A full programme and booking information will be available soon!

  • Thursday 19 September
    7.30pm - 9pm

    Lecture by Thomas Mayer­

    We all live together with the deceased. The souls who are in spiritual regions support us from within with strength, love, trust and inspiration. The more we open ourselves to them and reciprocate their friendship, the better they can do this. Thomas Mayer has been in conscious contact with many deceased people for over 20 years and will talk about this in his lecture.

    He will also describe how the normal after-death path leads to the next incarnation. Nowadays however, many souls can no longer find their way into the light, spiritual world, and end up in dead ends, in entangled unhealthy states. In their distress, they then occupy other people, siphon off energy, and cause spiritual, mental and physical difficulties and social strife. Thomas Mayer has been helping such deceased people to overcome their obstacles for many years and has observed that energy blockages in places and houses, or depression, panic, fears or deep grief in a possessed person, have been released as a result. Such connections have so far been underestimated in the public consciousness. Conversely, the incidence of mental illness is increasing rapidly. The good news is that we are not at the mercy of this. It is possible to help affected people and the deceased.

    Thomas Mayer is a Meditation teacher, civil rights activist, and author of ‘Answering the Call of the Elementals’ published by Findhorn Press, ‘Overcoming Fear - Exercises for Spiritual Self-Defense’ and ‘Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective’.

    £15 cash on the door.

    For further information please call Alex Wright on 01342 827967

    Thomas will be leading a workshop on Anthroposophical Meditation, as well as outdoor exercises to contact elementals and exercises to connect to the deceased, at Emerson College from 7pm Friday 20th September to 12.30pm Sunday 22nd September.

    Please see for full details.

  • Friday 11 October 5pm - Sunday 13 October 1pm

    How can we work creatively in our increasingly dehumanising culture?  The  growing prevalence of AI and Transhumanism is socially corrosive.  Can we hone the necessary discernment to engage healthily with the possibilities of our modern technology without becoming enthralled by its debilitating effects?  This weekend seminar will identify the threats to our still unfinished human evolution, and also explore the inner practicesthrough which we can develop spiritual resilience, and cultivate our true human potential.    

    Our speakers will include Jeremy Naydler and Edwin Hübner.   

    Programme and seminar fee to be announced.

    To register your interest in participating please contact Andrew Wolpert 

    An inter-Sectional event offered by the Humanities and Social Sciences Sections, and supported by The Anthroposophical Society. George Perry, Fritz Wefelmeyer, and Andrew Wolpert