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Wednesday evenings 7.30pm - 9pm with Alex Wright A much needed path through the forest of Anthroposophy. Intro to Anthro takes 10 areas of Anthroposophy and explains them for those interested in starting a spiritual path. To confirm dates: or call 01342 827967. Most evenings are a combination of lectures and activities. This series has been designed by Alex Wright as a course with the knowledge building week on week, so regular attendance is advised. Alex has an MA in Law from Oxford University, is a qualified Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher and a graduate of the three-year Emerson Visual Arts Course. The course costs £90 (£60 student). You are welcome to attend the 1st or 2nd evenings for £10 (£7 student) and then pay the balance if you decide to continue, pay at the door, no cards. If you would like to be kept informed of when the next course starts, then please email This course will also run one day later on Thursdays in the Carson Building at Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5JX

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"Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful course. I’ve learnt so much & certainly have lots to think about now!"

"I think we all enjoyed the course immensely: he certainly made it interesting because of his practical approach. Personally, he made many concepts digestible, and they still live on in me."

"Each evening was very clearly structured and also supported with practical exercises. These were not only helpful for deeper understanding but also fun and very memorable."

"It's a great introduction to this field. Coming to the course with almost zero knowledge, it has been really helpful as it's a vast field & difficult to approach on your own. The best part is the fact that the teacher has gone through this journey himself so he knows practical things, it's not just theory. A great start in the path."

"I find Steiner really hard to read but you made it easyish to understand."

"I enjoyed the mix of the theory and practice at the course and I feel it has been well structured and coherent. This course has answered many questions which I had for years and added many missing puzzle pieces into my perception of the World. I also found it helpful for my studies of homeopathy, as now I see at which energetic levels homeopathy really works. I think homeopaths and other energy healers would undoubtedly benefit from attending the course. It has opened the doors for me wanting to explore and learn anthroposophy further."

"Fascinating course that really serves as an introduction to what is a huge field of study. Perfectly structured for ease of understanding, but yet captivating for your own self study & exploration. Allows you to explore on your own."