Crossing the Threshold -The Outer Path to the Spiritual World

Monday 25 September 9.30am - Tuesday 26 September 5pm

with Are Thoresen

Experiential Workshops on Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 September from 9.30am to 5pm

A technique will be practiced where, through an intense focus on the sense perceptible world (merging), the threshold to the spiritual world can be crossed and the elemental world beyond experienced.

Public lecture on Monday 25 September at 7 pm

Becoming active in the 3rd elemental realm and the possibilities for healing and treatment (Hygienic Occultism).

The workshops will be flexible and allow for attendance at one or both days.

Charges will be £50 for one day, or £80 for both days of the workshop. £10 for the evening lecture.

For further information please contact:
Glenn Charles at or Giovanna Mabanta at