Earthly and Cosmic Community – Today and for the Future

With Eric Klein

Friday 21 June 7pm - 8.30pm

Community building as an artistic, musical, creative endeavour is essential for the future evolution of humanity. This is a community that includes the spiritual beings who have created us and stand fully behind our development. It is only in community that beings of the higher hierarchies can find us and join us. This must by necessity be a creative activity in all its aspects. Recognising, loving and trusting the activity of spiritual beings who offer themselves in sacrifice for our wellbeing leads us to a profound experience of gratitude and gives us insights into how the future can be formed.

Eric Klein was born in the USA and studied music. He is a violinist and teacher with a particular interest in the development of human thought.

All welcome! Suggested donation £5.00 / £3.00 For further information please see