Holy Week: Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul Easter Verses

Monday 29 March 6.30pm

with Douglas and Marguerite Miller

The Calendar of the Soul is a series of weekly meditations that take us through the course of the year. It begins at Easter – at the Mystery of Golgotha, the cosmic Turning Point in Time - opening a door for us to experience ourselves and the world and time in a new and different light. We will look briefly at how the Calendar of the Soul, the calendar of the New Mysteries
in our time, came to be - then turn our attention to the Calendar’s Easter Mood and its mirror verse.

Dougas and Margaret Miller are translators who live in Michigan U.S.A. Douglas is a retired professor of German at the University of Michigan–Flint in the United States; his research, publication, and lecturing has focused on Goethe’s accomplishments as a scientist and writer, as well as on the history and meaning of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

All are welcome to join us either via zoom or by phone.

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and its mirror verse.