How Can we Deepen our Relationship to the Plant World? - Postponed to 2021

Friday 9 October 7.30pm - 9pm
With Dagmar Steffelbauer

The plant world is so manifold in its expression and formation. Every year it is fascinating to see how plants appear, grow, blossom, fruit, wither and finally withdraw. Rudolf Steiner expressed the relationship of the human being to the kingdoms of nature (mineral, plant and animal) many times. He has also given some advice on how to approach the plant world with a deeper understanding than is commonly the case. This evening will be a ‘work in progress’ and will introduce us to the beings of the stinging nettle and the oak tree.

Everybody interested is warmly welcome.

Dagmar Steffelbauer trained as a General Nurse then added an anthroposophic nursing training. She worked for many years in anthroposophical hospitals in Germany. Twelve years ago she moved to England and a few years later became a craniosacral therapist.

Suggested donation £5 / £3

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