Living a Life of Presence: Practising The Power of Now - Cancelled

Saturday 26 February 1pm - 4pm

with Neil French

All we ever have is the present moment, or the Now. What we call the past is just a collection of stored memories and the future is mental projections again occurring in the present moment. Our Egoic, thinking, mind keeps us stuck in the past and future, never really experiencing the fullness of life in the present moment. The Ego is the voice inside your head. It is the identity that we believe ourselves to be, sometimes called the ‘False Self’ and which creates suffering, but there is another way to experience life. When we align ourselves with the present moment we find the peace and happiness that we seek.

Join us on February 26th as we explore, in a series of ongoing and experiential workshops, how to step outside of time, find our ‘True Self’, and experience a life of presence.

Neil French is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in the NHS and private

Fee per workshop: £10

In person and Livestream options available.

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