Spiritual Practice - Nurturing the Inner Life

Tuesday 31 October 6.30pm - 8pm
with Christopher Marcus

I believe Spiritual Practice is done from the heart, with others and alone, where failure and guilt are changed into joy and enthusiasm.
A golden thread that runs through most true spiritual streams are six human qualities: They are concentration, walk your talk, don’t let your emotions run away with you, think positive, have an open mind and live in harmony with yourself and the world.
I will be offering six 90-minute sessions, in which we will get to know these qualities as the foundations for meditation, prayer or study and how they form a solid base for any steps we might take in becoming aware of the spiritual worlds in which we live, albeit mostly unconsciously.

The sessions will be experiential, in so far as we will use simple ritual as well as art forms to come to know those forces in us which help, as well as sabotage, our journey to self-knowledge. We will work in smaller groups as well as one-to-one and create gentle, sacred spaces where intimate parts of our souls can be shared to help us become sensitive to a profoundly delicate world that always wishes to reach out to us.

Christopher had spent the first half of his adult life initially working as an actor and then predominantly as a director specialising in the genre Mystery Theatre with particular attention to Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery drama’s. Feeling the need to work outside the Anthroposophical world for a while and deepen his understanding of other spiritual streams he trained to become an Interfaith Minister and was ordained in 2007. He became a core tutor at the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and has since then dedicated himself to teaching meditation. Having meditated daily for the last 51 years he is enthusiastic about enabling others to experience the life enhancing powers of nurturing an inner life. He lives in Forest row with his wife and two boys.

Price: £12 Full/£10 Concecsion per session, £60 /£50 for all 6 sessions booked together.

Bookings: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/rudolf-steiner-house/e-jgkyjl

Registration and booking in person available at the Bookshop on the night