Super Brain Yoga

Saturday 28 November 6pm - 8pm
Pranic Healing is an energetic medicine or balm that can be applied to enhance one's healing ability. The structured techniques of Pranic Healing are rooted in anc ient esoteric knowledge, presented in a simple, easy to learn, easy to practise manner. This is a healing modality that involves no touch, no drug and anyone can learn to do it!

In this Super Brain Yoga course, you will learn:
  • A simple, yet effective ancient yogic technique designed to activate, energise and strengthen the brain cells and optimize its functionality
  • How to improve your memory and concentration
  • How to develop more creativity and mental clarity
  • How to calm your emotions and gain more psychological stability
  • Improving your social and communication skills
  • How to regulate your sex drive
This course costs £80

Package savings:

Level 1 + Super Brain Yoga £375 Level 2 + Super Brain Yoga £480 Level 1 + Level 2 £700 Level 1 + Level 2 + Super Brain Yoga £750

Contact Rohit Susjanani on +44 7984 679 387 or via