The Eternal Return: Nightmare or Dream?

Friday 28 February 7pm - 8.30pm
with Andrew Welburn

Getting back to fundamentals seems to be a law of life. When we get out of touch with life’s rhythms, we can feel empty and lost, as do so many people today. But if we could see everywhere the Eternal Return - would it be a dream fulfilment, or a nightmare from which we want to escape? Spiritual teachings have grappled with such problems, and Rudolf Steiner’s vision is essentially about renewing the past in a creative way, in the details of daily life and in big ideas of evolution and reincarnation.

Andrew Welburn has been an academic in the fields of English Literature and biblical interpretation and history. A lifelong anthroposophist, Andrew Welburn has written several books on Steiner’s philosophy, esotericism and Christianity, and on the prophet Zarathustra.

All welcome, no need to book. Suggested donation £5 / £3

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