The Karma of Illness

Friday 31 May 7pm - 8.30pm

with Dr. Peter Gruenewald

Suffering from a chronic physical or mental illness can be an existential challenge that may seemingly limit our self-expression and even social reach. It can be caused by experiences and deeds in previous lives but may also be a preparation to acquire new life skills for a future lifetime. In fact, organs that are weak in one incarnation, may become organs of strength in a next life. All illness, even physical illnesses have to be understood from their spiritual, soul, vital and physical and social aspect. Once we understand these dimensions of illness and its individual purpose, we can start to work on improving the conditions by means that strengthen our physical, vital, emotional and spiritual constitution. 

We will in this context look at two statements: ‘All illnesses are musical problems.’ (Novalis) and Paracelsus: ‘The foundation of all medicine is love.’ We will explore the question: How can we use spiritual development and initiation to work towards a true and sustainable state of health, physically, vitally, emotionally and spiritually?

 Dr Peter Gruenewald is an anthroposophical doctor, general practitioner, specialist doctor in sleep medicine and a trainer in Adaptive Resilience and stress management. He is the author of the books: Rosicrucian Alchemy. A Spiritual Christian Path (2024). Mastering Life. Rosicrucian and Magical Techniques for achieving your Life’s Goals (2022). Manifesting your Best Future Self: Building Adaptive Resilience (2020). The Quiet Heart. Putting Stress in its Place (2007).

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