The Mission of Folk-Souls in Connection with Germanic and Scandinavian Mythology

Wednesday 26 May 4.15am - 5.45pm

with Brendan McQuillan

This series of eleven lectures is one of only two lecture series reworked before publication by Steiner. In the very first lecture Steiner explains his reasons for presenting the course: ‘it is…. not without reason that just at the present time ….. the Mission of the several Folksouls…..should for once be spoken of quite impartially..… It is especially important, because the fate of humanity in the near future will bring people together much more than hitherto….. to fulfil a common mission….. But the individuals belonging to the several peoples will only be able to bring their free, concrete contributions to this joint mission, if they have, first of all, an understanding of …..what we might call ‘The Self-knowledge of the Folk.’

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