The Three-fold Human Being

Friday 14 October 7pm - 8.30pm

with Angela Lord

This illustrated presentation focuses on the three-fold aspect of the human being: thinking, feeling and willing. There is concern at present for mental health and well- being, and an awareness of how our thoughts can aff ect us. Mindfulness practices are an example that a well - balanced healthy mental life is important for our overall health and orientation in life. We can also be aware of our feelings and our emotional life, and the eff ects we have on the feelings of others. Empathy, tolerance, the capacity to love, to care and to be concerned for others are essential for healthy relationships. And our will? Although it lies beneath our consciousness, our will gives us the ability to be active, to do, to carry out the many tasks of everyday life and to be actively involved with the outer world. The healthy balance and the interacting of these three basic human capacities is the central core of our being. Rudolf Steiner gave many insightful lectures on this theme. We will consider some of them and also look at his remarkable artistic representation of the spiritual aspects of thinking, feeling and willing. This image, The Three-fold human being, has been painted by several artists, and we’ll also look at their work and their own remarkable interpretations of this important, but littleknown motif.

Angela Lord is a painter and author of over 12 books, which include: Colour Dynamics, Books I and II; Form Drawing; and Rudolf Steiner ‘s four watercolour paintings.