Tolerance is not enough. The Transformation of Architecture into the Social Art

Friday 11 October 7pm - 8.30pm
With Andrew Wolpert

In a world of antagonism, prejudice and intolerance, we could easily imagine tolerance as an ideal to be striven for. And yet it is not enough. The continued development of the human being and the metamorphosis of the arts are essential aspects of the imagination Rudolf Steiner offers us for our future. That the spatial quality of sculpture could evolve into the dimension of time and become eurythmy is already a well-practised artistic reality. The metamorphosis of architecture into the social art is something we have to work to achieve in the future, and is inseparably connected with what lies beyond tolerance. Architecture lends itself to a connection with Michael and what Rudolf Steiner called the Cosmic Intelligence, and at this time of year this theme gives us an opportunity to explore how the great art of Architecture has prepared us for something unimaginably greater. Andrew Wolpert’s love of architecture connects with the Logos structure of Grammar, with what Blake called the Human Form Divine, and with the work of Michelangelo.