Friday 3 March 7pm - 8.30pm

with Andrew Wolpert

Centenaries are not just an opportunity to look back and celebrate a significant achievement, and 100 is not just a convenient decimal milestone. The lifespan of Jesus of Nazareth was 33 years and 4 months, and 100 is three times 33 ⅓. Does the care the hierarchies have for our spiritual work simply go on as before after a hundred years? How does our changing connection to our communities of birth and our evolving identity in our communities of choice contribute to the greater evolution in the cosmos? This theme will be explored in connection with the lecture Rudolf Steiner gave on 3rd March 1923, Lecture 9 in Awakening to Community, GA 257

Andrew has been working in adult education in the fields of language, literature, art history, and Christology for many years in Europe and in Asia.

All welcome, no need to book, no charge.

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