A Festival for Easter

Thursday 6 April 11am - Sunday 9 April 11am

Raffaello Sanzio (1483–1520) was born and died on Good Friday. The exhibition of his work at the National Gallery last year inspired new ideas and research projects.

This Festival will explore some of our work in progress.

The seminar sessions will begin with Singing and Eurythmy every day.

Thursday 6 April
11am Visit to The Royal Academy, Piccadilly, to see the contemporary copy of Leonardo’s Last Supper.
Meet in The Collection Gallery

3pm – 6pm Lecture, Seminar and discussion at Rudolf Steiner House

What makes Leonardo’s treatment of the event unique? with Andrew Wolpert

Friday 7 April
11am The National Gallery to see Raphael’s Crucifixion and other works of his. Meet in Room XI

3pm – 6pm Lecture, Seminar and discussion at Rudolf Steiner House

Who was Raphael? Exploration of Raphael’s ‘Ansidei Madonna’ with Fritz Wefelmeyer

Picture study led by Fritz Wefelmeyer

Saturday 8 April
Lectures, Seminars and Discussion at Rudolf Steiner House

11am – 1pm Exploration of Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’ with Jane Walling

2.30 pm – 4 pm Exploration of Raphael’s ‘Ecstasy of St Cecilia’ with Rick Moxon

4.30 pm – 7 pm Discussion and Contemplation of the Easter Saturday Theme

Sunday 9 April
11am Festival at Rudolf Steiner House
Easter Sunday lecture with James Dyson
Music with Andrew Thompson and Eurythmy with Clara Klingler

The four days are conceived as a whole, but we realise that the reality of life might make it difficult for participants to attend every session.

You are welcome to come when you can.

There is no charge for these Festival events.

Rick Moxon Fritz Wefelmeyer Andrew Wolpert