A Sound Outlook for Today and a Genuine Hope for the Future

Tuesday 22 June 7pm - 8.30pm
with Brendan McQuillan

These seven lectures, from summer 1918, were given in Berlin as WW1 was raging. They are very wide ranging, covering themes such as states of consciousness. Steiner explains how the theory of ‘repeated earth-lives’ already exists as a reality in the human soul, for within ordinary consciousness, other, ‘dim and shadowy’ states exist, to be fathomed only by looking at the human being’s threefold division of head, breast and limbs. So that by means of the head, a ‘dream-like consciousness’ enables him to look back into earlier earthlives, and that the ‘limb man’ unfolds a continual ‘dream-consciousness’ of the next life on earth.

The lectures also include perhaps the most remarkably revealing insights into Steiner’s conception of the first Goetheanum.

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