Addressing our Souls – Speech workshop

Friday 27 May 7pm - 8.30pm

with Adrian Locher*

We can work with speech to address our souls and tell ourselves of the wonders of our own being. We can tell ourselves how the soul lives in the body and in what we do, feel and think. The aim is summed up in the aspiration expressed in the final lines ‘That good may become…..’ of the actions that we found in the realm of the heart, and direct with clear thinking. Come and join in – whether you’ve worked with the foundation stone for years or are totally new to it.

Adrian completed a training at the London School of Speech Formation and has since worked as an actor, adult educator and theatre producer. He was involved in various productions of Rudolf Steiner's four mystery dramas and is currently engaged with the cultural developments at Rudolf Steiner House.

Voluntary donations towards costs and overheads are gratefully received and can be made by transfer to a Nationwide account held for this purpose.

Account name: Adrian Hotten, sort code: 07-01-16 account number: 31466776 or via Paypal to

*Replacing Geoff Norris, as advertised in EVENTS.