Addressing our Souls: The Foundation Stone - On Zoom

Friday 12 February 7.30pm - 9pm
With Geoffrey Norris

Our speech is uniquely human, and uniquely ours. We can work with speech to address our souls and tell ourselves of the wonders of our own being. We can tell ourselves how the soul lives in the body and in what we do, feel and think. As Geoffrey guides us in how we can work with the meditation Steiner gave at the founding of the Anthroposophical Society we can experience an ever renewing and deepening force within that strengthens and guides us in these challenging times. The aim is summed up in the aspiration expressed in the final lines that ‘Good may become’ of the actions that we found in the realm of the heart, and direct with clear thinking.

Geoffrey Norris is an actor, director, storyteller and master of Creative Speech. He is the founder of the Speech and Drama Studio.

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