All Souls What Happens When We Die?

Saturday 2 November 2pm - 5pm
With Dr. Sue Peat and Philip Martyn

Death is a certainty for all of us. For some it appears to be simply a final end to life with maybe the possibility of leaving memories held by the living as a legacy. For others it is the return to a spiritual home and the start of a journey that brings us back to a future life on earth. At this time of year, when we particularly remember those who have crossed the threshold of death, there is an opportunity to develop closer connections with them – connections that can be mutually beneficial. During this workshop we will outline the insights Rudolf Steiner offered into the spiritual journey we take after death and into how we can work with those we have known during life who now live on across the threshold.

Dr. Sue Peat is a medical consultant at Kings College Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospice and Philip Martyn is a retired Lawyer who has served as a Co-General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society.

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