An Occult Physiology

Thursday 29 February 10.30am - 12pm

with Brendan McQuillan

We will continue to read these lectures (GA 128) given by Rudolf Steiner in Prague. Steiner reflects in them on the two stage evolutionary process involved in the foming of the human spinal column and brain, contrasts conscious and unconscious processes in the various human organs, considers the archetypes of the nervous system and blood in the astral body and the ‘I’ (ego), and looks at the organic processes that accompany some spiritual exercises in order to explain their effect.

All welcome. Small donations towards expenses welcome: £3/£2

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All the Rudolf Steiner lectures and writings that we are studying are available from the library at Rudolf Steiner House and, in addition, many may be accessed online at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. For updated news on these and other events please see: