Bothmer movement (for adults) - CANCELLED

Saturday 12 November 11.30am - 1pm

with Kevin Davidson

Big Fish: “Isn’t the water lovely today?”
Little Fish: “What’s water?”
Bothmer Movement provides a framework of exercises and games to help bring awareness of the different qualities of the space around us. This awareness, growing through a subtle process of self-development, can lead to observable differences in the way we move and bring about practical benefits in the way we live.

£15 full / £10 concession

Kevin Davidson brings the spirit of Bothmer through creative and playful workshops drawing on his 10 years as a games and movement teacher in schools. He has represented Bothmer Movement International ( since 2016 as part of Steiner Waldorf teacher training programs and in parental education classes. He holds two Master’s degrees in Education and Psychology, is a lecturer at Goldsmiths College, London, and an award-winning artist.