Calendar of the Soul (Zoom)

Monday 6 November 7pm - 8.30pm

with Dr. Sue Peat and Adrian Hotten

Rudolf Steiner’s collection of fifty-two meditative verses were first published in German in 1912. These verses, representing the fifty-two weeks of the year, begin with Easter week and offer thoughts that help us find a deeper relationship with the spiritual forces at work throughout the year.

'You should take these meditations quite especially into your hearts, for they contain what can enliven the soul and really represents a living relationship of soul forces with forces of the macrocosm.’--
Rudolf Steiner, CW 40, 1912

Each verse appears alongside the corresponding opposite verse for the week, that represents a kind of mirror, or compensating force during the year. In listening to the changing language of the year we can rediscover our individual nature. These verses help to awaken a feeling of unity with nature while simultaneously stimulating a discovery of the self. We will mainly be using the Ruth & Hans Pusch translation of the verses and The Year Participated, an interpretation and translation by Owen Barfield. Both are readily available to purchase or can be found on the internet. Members of the Meetup group already receive the verses week by week by email.

Come and join us as we work our way through the changing nature of the year.

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