Celebration of 'The Light of the Animal Kingdom’ - ONLINE

Sunday 21 June 6pm
Three talks via Zoom - To celebrate 'The Light of the Animal Kingdom,’ the Summer Solstice and a unique Solar Eclipse that occurs on this day…

First Guest Speaker: James Fearnley

James initiated the first international standard for propolis and was responsible for a renaissance of interest in propolis as a modern day medicine. He is recognised worldwide as an authority in the field and is the author of Bee Propolis - Natural Healing from the Hive, Souvenir Press 2001. In 2002 he formed BeeVital, which won a major UK government Research and Development Award to look at the potential for developing licensed medicinesfrom propolis. James feels he has become a strong spokesperson for what the spirit of the bees wishes to convey to humanity at this time.

Second Guest Speaker: Pippa Roger 

Pippa is the International Director for Communications for World Animal Protection who founded in 1959 and have offices all over the world. Their mission is to create a better world for animals by ending needless suffering. They endeavour to protect animals worldwide and to influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda. Pippa will talk about the work of the charity and give advice on how to make more informed choices so that we can all make a difference.

Third Guest Speakers: Joe & Elaine Duffy 

Joe and Elaine run the charity Holly’s Horse Haven, an Equine rescue charity founded in 2004 and based in Omeath, County Louth, Ireland. With currently over three hundred rescue horses and ponies in their care, they also run therapeutic workshops for people with specials needs. They will discuss their work and focus on what unconditional love really means and how it can be practiced everyday.

To register for this event please email us at  info@lightoftheanimalkingdom.org and simply put the words 'Link Request' in the subject field, and we will be pleased to send you the Zoom link after June 14th.

This is a free event.