Eurythmy Webinar to Strengthen Body Awareness and Health

Monday 25 May 6pm - 7pm
With Theodor Hundhammer, Eurythmy4you
Our free webinars take place every Monday and Friday. On Mondays we focus on strengthening health and well-being. On Fridays we collectively decide which themes we would like to work on and dive into the different aspects of Eurythmy. The webinars are free of charge, participants receive a replay, donations are welcome.

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We offer weekly free webinars and videos for health and well-being. Our Anthroposophy Based Stress Release courses (ABSR) add a whole new dimension to mindfulness. Here we connect movement exercises originating in the rich gestural world of eurythmy to practical applications of the Eightfold path developed by R. Steiner. In this manner perception and meaning enrich each other and open doors of insight.