Form Drawing for Life (Zoom)

Saturday 8 October 5.30pm - 6.30pm

with Laura Embrey

In a 90-minute online session, Laura Embrey will introduce her experience with and understanding of therapeutic form drawing. She will explain the basic curve of healing, recovery and maintenance and how this can be supported by the very accessible modality of form drawing. Please be ready to work with drawing paper (A4 white paper is fine), a graphite pencil, an eraser, a set of coloured pencils and a drawing surface such as a table or desk. Compass and straightedge are optional but helpful.

Please go to her website at click on “form drawing” to register online.

Cost for participation: £20. Payments can be made via PayPalgo to PayPal site and transfer funds to Laura via her email address:

Deadline for registration: Friday 7 October