From Bach to Steiner

Friday 19 July 7pm - 8.30pm

with Alan Stott

In Anthroposophy we have a path of knowledge, which can guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe. Musicians are inclined to take this, the first of a series of ‘Leading Thoughts’ offered by Rudolf Steiner, quite literally. He suggested that spiritual science has to be read ‘as a pianist reads a musical score’. At the piano, Alan will gently lead us through an exploration of a short and simple piece
by Bach and a short piece that Chopin was inspired to write. Likewise, we shall look at a passage or two of Steiner’s prose. He’ll introduce us to six clues to help us discover an untold secret, hidden within his written prose style. We may expect simple yet astonishing discoveries!

No specialist knowledge is required or expected and handouts to take home will be provided.

Alan is a musician, translator, author, and original researcher who’s worked for nearly 50 years with eurythmy, playing for hundreds of children and adults. He has published extensively on music, theology and astrology, and collaborated with colleagues to produce the ‘Collected works of Reverend Professor Hermann Beckh’, a universal scholar and perhaps Rudolf Steiner’s most brilliant pupil (please see Temple Lodge Publishing).