The Language of Eurythmy in the Foundation Stone Meditation

Saturday 22 October 11am - Sunday 23 October 3.15pm

The Foundation Stone Meditation given by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Conference 1923/24 was a new spiritual impulse to be cultivated and practised. Within it lies the essence of anthroposophy with contents so rich and varied that spiritual seekers can find a wealth of insights and support for their inner path and work in the world.

For Rudolf Steiner, art was ‘a bridge to the spirit’, and when the first Goetheanum was burnt down the world was deprived of a fully conceived artistic manifestation of anthroposophy. However, for the refounding of the Anthroposophical Society, he transformed the spiritual impulse of the building into the verses of the Foundation Stone Meditation, thereby creating it anew within the hearts and minds of individuals who take up these mantric words in their inner life.Soon afterwards Rudolf Steiner created eurythmy forms for the text, adding visible movement and colour to enhance the effect of the spoken word and strengthen the impact of the text through art. At this conference we will have the opportunity to enter more deeply into its manifold meanings through the lens of eurythmy, with expert contributions, eurythmy exercises and plenum and small group conversations.

No prior competence in eurythmy is necessary. The simple exercises with which we will become familiar can be continued at home as a further means of enlivening our relationship to the Meditation. (Participation in the exercises is optional, they can also be observed.) Everyone is most welcome but please note that a basic understanding of anthroposophy will be assumed. Please bring comfortable shoes for the exercises.

Stefan Hasler grew up on Lake Constance and trained as a pianist, conductor and eurythmist. He worked at the Waldorf School Hamburg-Wandsbek, then at the eurythmy school and eurythmy stage in Hamburg and became professor at the Alanus Hochschule. Since 2015 he is Head of the Department of Performing Arts Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Switzerland.

Coralee Frederickson grew up in British Columbia and graduated with a PhD in English Literature from SUNY Binghamton before training at Eurythmy Spring Valley. She has carried trainings in England, Norway and China and presently co-carries the Alanus Master’s in Educational Research (Eurythmy).

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