Harmony of the Creative Word

Wednesday 25 January 4.30pm - 6pm

with Dagmar Steffelbauer

Rudolf Steiner lectured in Autumn 1923 four times from Friday till Sunday and this rhythm shaped the lectures into four groups of three. Each group opens up a different window on the phenomena of the natural world. This term the themes concern the astral etheric beings or elemental spirits. In the course of these lectures we discover how indebted we are to those beings for our continued existence. Then we learn to know about the life in our threefold body; the dynamic of illness and health.

You are warmly invited to join the study group. Further information: d.steff elbauer@gmail.com

Members and friends are warmly invited to groups at any time even for one-off visits. Previous participation is not necessary and there is no need to book. Small donations towards expenses welcome: £3/£2

All the Rudolf Steiner lectures and writings that we are studying are available from the library at Rudolf Steiner House and, in addition, many may be accessed online at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. For updated news on these and other events please see: www.meetup.com/rudolf-steiner-spiritual-science