How to Master your Feelings

Thursday 6 February 7.30pm - 9pm
with Inessa Burdich

In these days of materialism and intellect our feelings can become sidelined, yet it is increasingly recognised that they play a significant role in our wellbeing and affect our physical health. Our emotional body (astral body) is visible to clairvoyant research to determine how it changes with age, illness and profession, also how it is affected by life crises, our daily habits and negative spiritual influences. We will also look at practical steps to control our feelings and maintain equanimity.

Inessa graduated as a physicist, then spent 20 years in business. She has been an active meditator for over 30 years and is a professional supersensible researcher specialising in diagnosing the spiritual components of cancer, psychosomatic illnesses, vaccination, addiction and autistic spectrum disorder.

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