Meditation for Life

Thursday 11 January 6.30pm - 8pm

with Marjatta van Boeschoten

Developing inner resources for living a more conscious and creative life

Each of us has the capacity to reach a calm inner space, from where we can draw on our deepest resources to build strong foundations for life. Meditation helps us strengthen the quality of our attention, be more awake and present in the moment and open to fresh possibilities and horizons for the future. From this vantage point we can take up the multiple challenges of life with greater equanimity, resilience, insight and enthusiasm.

In these three workshops, Marjatta van Boeschoten will draw on indications and exercises given by Rudolf Steiner for developing a western, contemporary meditative practice. Each session will contain content, exercises and conversation and is suitable for both newcomers and those already experienced in meditative practice.

Marjatta practised as a lawyer, then founded a management consultancy specialising in human development at work. She is the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society.

£10 (£8 conc.) per session
£25 (£ 20 conc.) for all 3 sessions

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In person: At the Bookshop (on the day)