Michael Chekhov's Approach to Theatre in Action: Scene Work

Friday 13 September 10.45am - 6.15pm
With Sarah Kane

On Sunday 29th September, 13th October, 20th October

The three workshops offer an opportunity to investigate new ways of working on a scene by applying both the principles and practical tools Chekhov developed. Each workshop explores different aspects of the approach (e.g. atmosphere, gesture as relationship, text as gesture), building on the previous one. It is possible to participate in individual workshops.

Admission charge: 1 workshop: £90; concessions £75 3 workshops: £240; concessions £195 Sarah Kane studied Steiner’s approach to speaking, then Chekhov’s approach to acting with many of his students in the 1980s. She now integrates them in her teaching, directing and performing. www.performingartsintl.org For further information and bookings E: info@performingartsintl.org