Michaelmas Festival

Friday 27 September 7.30pm - 9pm
The Archangel Michael and the Michaelic Age

With David Lowe, Brendan McQuillian, Sue Peat, Simon Pelling and Adam Slowikowski

Michaelmas is a time for gathering the forces of the summer sun and for taking initiatives! We experience this in our tradition of starting the academic year in the autumn. Looking to nature we see fruiting plants in abundance and the iron from the August meteoric showers beginning to enbed itself into the life of our planet. The picture of Michael with his sword standing over the dragon can inspire us to seek those forces within us that are capable of overcoming evil and prepare to meet the challenges that we face. Drawing on the insights into the season given by Rudolf Steiner we will explore the spiritual meaning of Michaelmas for the earth, for humanity and for the future. All welcome, no booking required, donation at the door Further information Email: suejoanpeat@gmail.com