Parzival Studies

With Josie Alwyn, Simon Blaxland de Lange, William Forward, Steve Roberts, Andrew Wolpert

Sunday 28 July 11am - 6pm

We met in December 2018 to share questions and aspects of our on-going work with Wolfram’s epic.  Some of the themes we looked at were Parzival’s horses, the identity of Ither and of Gramoflanz, what it means to be a virgin-widow, the significance of the moment Parzival hears about his brother, the connection to Manes, the need for new Upper School teachers to be guided into this work, and how this epic has influenced modern literature.  We felt we had begun something worthwhile that might be of wider interest, and decided to hold an open seminar in July for all those interested in joining us in this deepening shared work. We invite whoever may be interested to let us know of their intention to participate and to indicate what area or theme of the work they are currently involved in and would like to speak about.  This will enable us to construct a programme in advance to make best use of our time.  Please get in touch