Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’ and ‘The Disputa’

Friday 4 February 7.30am - 8.45pm

with David Lowe

Of Rudolf Steiner’s thirteen Art History lectures, only one is directed to two paintings by the same artist. This indicates the centrality of Raphael in the art historical process that Rudolf Steiner characterizes in these lectures. Dr. Steiner indicated a new way of looking at art history and regarded it as one important pathway to developing Inspiration. Considering Raphael’s achievements these two paintings are central to assessing not only his significance but the spiritual impulses that manifest in the development of Art. We will consider what Rudolf Steiner has to say about them and look at slides of them.

David is a researcher into the spiritual impulses in cultural evolution who has lectured in different parts of the UK as well as many different countries.

All welcome, no need to book. Suggested donation £7 or £5 concessions.

For further information E: lowedavid7@googlemail.com