Renewing the forces of the Free Spirit

Friday 26 March 7.30pm - 9pm
with Stephen Usher

Through Iron and Michael we can overcome our lower natures and achieve the ability to act out of freedom. Remarkably, when we act out of freedom we annihilate our life forces.Rudolf Steiner explains this in his seminal work THE PHILOSOPHY OF SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY. That leads to a question: Should a human being achieve the remarkable feat of acting most of the time out of freedom how would he survive? Rudolf Steiner also answers this question. The answer is found in the ‘Michael Letters’ - a series of letters he wrote to members of the Anthroposophical Society towards the end of his life. Elsewhere in his many lectures and books he points to the renewal of life forces.

Stephen E. Usher holds a PhD in Economics. In his early career he worked as a staff economist at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, then for 8 years served as the Managing Director of the Anthroposphic Press. Currently he resides in Austin, Texas and manages a family agricultural interest. His recent book is titled ‘Conversations with Saul Bellow on esoteric-spiritual matters’ (Steiner Books 2017 ISBN 978-1-62148-207-9).

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