Rudolf Steiner’s Six Basic (Supplementary) Exercises

Saturday 27 May 11am - 4pm

A Practice of Love

The Six Basic Exercises are central to the path of inner development given by Rudolf Steiner and are of great value for those wishing to grow their capacity to manage the challenges of daily life and work. Whilst deceptively simple, they have a transformational power that strengthens thinking, initiative, equanimity, positivity and inner balance, leading to increased wellbeing, resilience and loving openness to the world. All these capacities support an inner meditative life that can enable the practitioner to become conscious of the spiritual dimensions of reality.

This event will potentially be the start of a series of events, partially online. The first meeting will help develop an individual and sustainable practice.

Marjatta van Boeschoten is the General Secretary, Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.

Bodo von Plato studied philosophy, history and education. He has been an senior school teacher at a Steiner Waldorf School in Paris, a researcher in Heidelberg and a member of the Executive Board at the Goetheanum. He now leads a cultural foundation in Berlin.

Everyone is welcome and no prior knowledge of anthroposophy or of these exercises is needed.

Free for students and those currently active in anthroposophical organisations. Otherwise, the charge is £15 or £10 for concessions. To book a place please email Ilona Pimbert: or T: 0207 723 4400