Sacred Meetings - paintings by Greg Tricker

Friday 1 September 8am - Saturday 30 September 7pm

Sacred Meetings is an exhibition of the work of Greg Tricker. Greg is a stone carver and painter. He was born in London in 1951. Deeply inspired by Vincent Van Gogh in the early years, he later developed his own unique style of painting on the Scilly Isles. He trained as a monumental mason and now lives in the Cotswolds and teachers at the Ruskin Mill Centre.
His profound and simple style of paintings follows in the mystical and sacred tradition of art akin to the work of Rouault and Cecil Collins.
Qualities of myth, echoes of the Folk Art Spirit and element of the circus feature in his work, which he presents in themes; he has produced a number of themed exhibitions, notably Paintings for Anne Frank (exhibited at Peterborough Cathedral and St Clement Danes, London), The Catacombs and recently Francis of Assisi exhibited at Salisbury Cathedral and Piano Nobile Gallery, London.

Free to view, paintings and sculptures available for sale.