Speech and Drama

Wednesday 6 October 6pm - 8pm

with Daniel Skinner

Using a range of styles and exploring a range of genres, this course leads the participant into a unique experience of theatre performance. We will explore different genres of theatre from ancient Greek through Shakespeare to contemporary, exploring not only the spoken and gestural world of performance but the inner self development and learning that is attainable within this framework. Exploring mask, voice exercises, character work, and the boundaries of ‘self’ and ‘other,’ this course is for actors and non-actors, teachers and students, young and old alike. It is the first of a series of speech and drama courses at RSH designed to focus the inspiration of Rudolf Steiner through the medium of contemporary performance, with reference also to other contemporary practitioners.

After many years of professional theatre work, Daniel Skinner is currently lead drama teacher at Michael Hall School, Sussex, directing and teaching A-level drama after many years of class teaching. He trained in Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Sprachgestaltung’ (Speech Formation) at the London School of Speech and Drama and was co-founder, performer and director of The Rose Theatre Company. He also performed leading roles in the international touring productions of Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas. Having worked with directors such as Enrique Pardo (Roy Hart, Pantheatre) and Erik Norlin (Slava Theatre), he is passionate about the development of new paradigms in theatre inspired by Rudolf Steiner among others. He is also a co-founder of and teacher at Eurythmy India, an exciting new eurythmy training initiative which incorporates speech and drama in India.

Cost - £180/£150 for 10 sessions – first session being a drop in session for £10.

Booking by appointment only, dan.skinner@talktalk.net