Spiritual Science as a Foundation for Social Forms

Wednesday 28 October 4.15pm - 5.45pm
With Brendan McQuillan

We will be reading selections from this lecture series given in Dornach in August 1920. As a result of the way we are educated today we are conditioned to interpret our sense perceptions, such as those, for example, from our sense of touch, as conveying a different kind of external reality than the phenomenal reality of the rainbow. Steiner argues that on the contrary it is ‘feebleminded’ to expect to find in the external world something other than phenomena similar to the phenomenon of the rainbow. In pursuit of clarity in this realm he takes us on a very interesting journey that explores our various senses as they transition from ‘outer’ to ‘inner’. If space permits, we will explore one or two of these senses ever so gently dynamically.

Previous participation is not necessary and there is no need to book.

Small donations towards expenses welcome: £3 / £2

All Rudolf Steiner’s lectures and writings that we are studying are available from the library at Steiner House, and, in addition, many may be accessed online at the Rudolf Steiner Archive.

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