Stories of Bright Light & Angels

Thursday 24 October 7.30pm - 9pm
With Wim Wolbrink

People who have near-death experiences often mention tunnels and bright light. People who say they are consciously in contact with angels also say that angels are beings of light and love. To observe the work of angels we start in everyday life with special ‘coincidental’ phenomena. We will also look at what is present in our feelings and how thoughts come to our mind. By these means we will arrive at the supra-physical domain of the angels.
The workshop also discusses what mankind can mean for the angelic world.Wim is the director of the Dutch National Storytelling School. A storyteller and storytelling teacher for more than 20 years, he organises storytelling festivals and workshops mainly in Japan, Belgium, UK and the Netherlands. Through these festivals he brought thousands of people together around such themes as Freedom, the Threefold Social Order, and Karma and Reincarnation,

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