The Communion of Eros and the Communion of the Logos

With Andrew Wolpert

Saturday 7 September 11am - 6pm

Gender dysphoria and gender fluidity are everyday topics in public culture, mainstream social studies, psychology and medicine.  Open discussion of these phenomena is often inhibited by either dogmatic political correctness or no less dogmatic and indignant prejudice.  How can we understand these prevalent issues of gender and sexuality in the context of spiritual science? 


In the panorama of our unfinished human evolution can we discern in these phenomena a striving for individual identity, not just beyond culture, race, and religion, but also beyond gender?  Can we recognise beyond the excessive sexualisation and hedonism of our modern culture, that there are spiritually striving individuals yearning for human communion that does not conform to inherited norms? 


Questions of gender identity arise now for many people in the wider context of experiencing a kind of “homelessness" in terms of family, nationality, religion and ideals.  The significance and consequences of the division of the sexes, the way masculinity and femininity come to expression in the soul, the nature of the human reproductive process and the human urge for creativity, the connection between Eros and the Logos, the forces of reproduction and the creative potential of language are all relevant considerations in this field of study.

All welcome!  There is no charge, but there will be a collection towards expenses.  If you have any questions, please contact