The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily by J.W. Goethe (Zoom)

Monday 21 August 7pm - 8.30pm

with Dr. Sue Peat and Adrian Hotten

During the summer months we will have four Monday zoom sessions at fortnightly intervals reading and talking about The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily by Goethe.

A true fairy story is a work of art and in 1795 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe produced his tale of tales-The Fairy Tale of The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily. It is an extraordinary masterwork that is unique among Goethe's works. An initiatory fable of transformation, the tale arose out of the Rosicrucian, alchemical impulses that play an important role in Faust and Goethe's other writings. We shall be reading Thomas Carlyle's classic 1832 translation of the tale and will discuss, amongst many aspects, Steiner's essay on its inner meaning. Is Goethe's fairy tale relevant to our time, just as it was when Goethe first wrote it, let’s read it, enjoy our conversations that are of 'more value than gold', and see!!

Copies of Thomas Carlyle’s translation are readily available in book form and on the internet to download. If you find it difficult to obtain a copy please email Adrian Hotten and he will send you a copy in pdf format –

All welcome, no need to book, no charge. Voluntary donations towards costs are gratefully received and can be made by transfer to a Nationwide account held for this purpose.  Account name: Adrian Hotten, sort code: 07-01-16 account number: 31466776 or via Paypal to

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