The Individual in Community

With Graham Kennish

Friday 12 July 7pm - 8.30pm

There is an inherent tension between individuality and ‘togetherness’, whether by way of intimate relationships, family constellations, professional groupings or in spiritual and social communities. As individuals in any community, that tension can become a fruitful path towards selflessness, love and inner freedom, or spiral into dependency, domination and even cult-like obedience. Graham engaged with many of the spiritual and selfdevelopment paths of the 60s, entered Waldorf teaching, family life and something of Camphill. These experiences enabled him to develop a deeper understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s image of the inner life of soul which he will share.

Graham Kennish gives workshops in Goethean Psychology, teaching a practical observation of the soul through gesture, by which an individual can strengthen the power of Empathy, the faculty by which we can enter more deeply, but more freely, into community relationships.

All welcome! Suggested donation £5.00 / £3.00 For further information please see