The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric A Research Project

Saturday 10 June 11am - 4pm

with Marjatta van Boeschoten and Aaron Mirkin

We have already had several valuable workshops on the theme, exploring various approaches to understanding what the Reappearance of Christ might mean for the modern human soul. Goetheanism, working with the after-image, the capacity for empathy, sensing beyond the surface of things, the capacity to find light in the darkness, are all fruits of the Reappearance of Christ in the etheric that we have touched on so far – in a more objective sense. What does it mean, however, when we subjectively experience these things in our own personal lives? Am I aware of the Second Coming working into my life? Have I had such experiences? Do I know of such experiences in the lives of others? Using both small group work as well as working in the round, we wish to explore these questions and share our stories in a held and protected space, so that we might tentatively discern together this growing working of Christ in the etheric in our time, and what consequences it may have for our lives and the development of humanity. A good preparation could be the lecture of 16th October 1918 by Rudolf Steiner ‘How do I find the Christ?’ It can be found printed as a single booklet. ‘Once one has passed through powerlessness and refinds oneself, one also finds Christ.’ (Quote from the same lecture)

Aaron Mirkin, Priest of The Christian Community E:

Marjatta van Boeschoten, General Secretary E:

Charge £15 or £10 concessions.

If you inted to come, please inform Ilona Pimbert, E: or 020 7723 4400