The Rhythms of the Foundation Stone Meditation 

Saturday 15 June 11am - 4pm

With Marjatta van Boeschoten, General Secretary and Coralee Frederickson (eurythmist)

The ‘Rhythms’ of the Foundation Stone Mediation, given over seven days during the Christmas Conference, consist of seven short and concise meditations which encompass the quintessence of the esoteric impulse of the Christmas Conference. Each rhythm expresses an aspect of the meditation in precise constellations, supported by the corresponding mood of the day of the week to which they relate. The Rhythms will be presented in the context of the overall proceedings at the Christmas Conference, and each of the seven Rhythms will be described. There will be guided eurythmy exercises that enhance the inner experience of the rhythms. We will also address how to work with the challenges of meditation.

The cost of the day is £15.

To book your place please contact Ilona Pimbert. E: T: 020 7723 4400