The Scientific Community

With Dr. Simon Pelling

Saturday 25 May 7am - 8.30pm

As well as our social circle at one end of the scale and the nation at the other, we belong to institutions such as companies and societies. What does Steiner have to say about, in particular, the scientific community and its effect on scientists and civilization since the 19th century? Science is a very self-confident and disciplined profession and, like the church in the middle ages, it has the ‘true faith’ and dominates and unifies intellectual life. Why is it so successful, what is its character and outlook, can we get a perspective on it, why is it so hostile to alternatives and what is the ultimate purpose of the collectivity of scientists?

Simon Pelling has a PhD in theoretical physics. He has worked as an electrical engineer and maths lecturer. He has a long term interest in Rudolf Steiner’s work and the link between earth mysteries, spirituality and science.

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