Saturday 30 December 10am - 5pm

The healing potential inherent in Raphael’s Madonnas was first acknowledged by Rudolf Steiner in 1911. At that time, he entrusted a specific sequence of 15 images to Dr. Felix Peipers, to be used as a therapeutic aid at the Johannesbau Institute in Munich. Since then, the sequence of images has evolved significantly, thanks to the efforts of researchers with a keen interest in art, medicine and psychology. One of the instrumental figures in this work was the Dutch artist Eva Mees Christeller. While in Italy in 1988, she personally invited Dr. Remigio Cenzato to further study the series of Raphaelite images. As a result, the sequence has grown from the initial 15 paintings to the present collection of 37 images, all exclusively by Raphael, portraying the Madonna and Child.

The seminar unveils the mysteries contained in the movements traced by the varying positions of the Child in the Madonna’s arms. Together, we’ll explore the imaginative geometric connections within the paintings, their correlations with celestial movements (Sun, Earth and Moon) and their implications on human physiology, particularly on the heart.

Special attention will be paid to the eurythmic gesture of the letter ‘L’ in the healing sequence of ‘Halleluiah’ in Eurythmy. Raphael’s masterpiece, ‘The Transfiguration’, will serve as leitmotif throughout the day as we delve into the deepest realms of human fulfillment and spiritual development. The seminar will be delivered in Italian and translated into English.

Speaker: Remigio Cenzato MD - Anthroposophical Physician, Psychotherapist, Anthropologist, Clinical Pedagogist.

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Eurythmic Introduction: the Letter ‘L’ and the ‘Halleluiah’ sequence • The historical context of the first decade of the 1900’s • The collaboration between Rudolf Steiner and the Johannesbau Clinic in Munich led by psychiatrist Felix Pfeifer • The first sequence of 15 images and later elaboration by Dutch artist Eva Mees Christeller • From the 22 images to the current sequence of 37 paintings • The theme of the five-pointed star; the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor and the eurythmic image of the letter ‘L’ • The Pentagram in the human microcosm and the celestial macrocosm • The dynamics of the astronomical relationships between Sun, Earth and Moon • The rhythms of Eclipses and the ‘Sword of Archangel Michael’ • The effect on man of eclipses of the Sun • The pattern traced on the Earth’s surface by eclipses;the correlation with gold dispersed in light and the formation of the human heart • The pentagon in cardiac physiology and its correlation with the star described by the movement of the Child in the arms of the Madonna in Raphael’s works • The eurythmic pentagon and the three-lobed shape of the heart • The correlation between heart dynamics and the 432 frequency in the experience of musical listening • The Golden Section in the works of Raphael • Circulatory and respiratory metamorphosis and correlation with the action on physiology of the letter ‘L’ • The formation of an invisible dynamic chalice • The ‘three rings’ in Raphael’s Transfiguration • The healing of the moody boy • The secrets hidden in Raphael’s great last work • The relationship between the Transfiguration and the quest for the Holy Grail • The esoteric link between the figures of Elijah, John the Baptist, Lazarus, the Apostle John, Raphael Sanzio and the Romantic poet Novalis • The coincidence of birth and death moons between Raphael and Novalis • Raphael and Christ’s mission for man on Earth • Vision of the sequence of 37 images of the Madonna and Child.